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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been developing at a fantastic pace. Ray Kurzweil, the author of The Singularity is Near, says computers will have the same level of intelligence as humans by 2029, at least on an emotional level. Could we already be there?

In 2018, Google introduced Google Duplex, an AI system that can accomplish tasks “over the phone,” such as making an appointment, something I undoubtedly would love to use!

Google’s demo on Duplex shows their AI system making a hair appointment, interacting with the receptionist on the other end, and setting a time that works best for you based on your availability.  It all sounds pretty convincing. 

A World of AI and Machine Learning

While we will need to wait and see how close we get to Kurzweil prediction, AI and machine learning are changing how we live and work. 

For the better part of the past few years, I have dug into learning more about machine learning and neural networks.

Growing up watching Star Trek, I became fixated on all the technology.  One-piece, in particular, was the computer which you can ask any question, and it will answer you. 

But technology in science fiction does not stay fiction for long as we already have natural language processing capabilities in our phones, laptops, and Alexa devices.

Welcome to my new blog!

This post is the first of many posts on my new blog, in which I will share my journey learning data science.  I hope to document and provide my readers with helpful articles to help them in their data science journey.

Some of the many data science topics that I will be exploring are:

  • machine learning
  • neural networks
  • artificial intelligence
  • data visualization
  • data acquisition
  • data wrangling
  • machine-learning deployment
  • interactive data visualization
  • helpful resources I find
  • example projects that I work on with source code
  • data science book reviews

What you can expect

I aim to provide high-quality content to you in an easy way to understand and learn. I will do my best to make sure that it is free from error. I will also try to make the examples I provide fun, engaging, and relevant to the real world. 

I plan to post on a biweekly schedule, working my way to eventually get to a weekly schedule.

Everyone is at a different place in their learning journey, and I certainly hope that these blog posts will help you in your learning journey. 

Stay connected

If you are interested in my posts, I encourage you to join my mailing list, and I will email you when I post next. 

Please reach out to me using the comment forms or contact form, or on social media.  I’m excited about the topics that I will be posting here and look forward to learning along with you.